Staff at Lake Placid Accommodations

Staff at Lake Palcid Accommodations
Gary Lanzoni
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Gary is a life long resident of Lake Placid and the Adirondack Region and spent his youth on a number of area lakes and waterways. Gary is the owner of Lake Placid Accommodations, a vacation rental business that he started more than 16 years ago. And has been a REALTOR® and a Broker Associate for the past 25 years with The Prudential Terry Horrocks Real Estate. Gary knows his way around Adirondack real estate & vacation rentals like few others in the business. His portfolio of almost 200 lakefront homes, chalets, townhomes, and condominiums enables him to satisfy the housing needs of the most discriminating vacationers. Gary is an avid hunter and also enjoys fishing, boating, golf and hiking. Whether you're interested in purchasing a property or looking for the perfect vacation getaway, give him a call. He will be pleased to help you with all of your real estate needs.

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